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WEBS Phase III Report

January – December 2006

David Heil & Associates, Inc.






Early in 2004, a group of Netarts and Oceanside residents and stakeholders gathered to create a vision for the future of the area between Cape Meares and Cape Lookout – in general, Netarts Bay and vicinity. Netarts resident Jim Mundell brought the group together to develop an educational approach to community stewardship, and hired David Heil & Associates, Inc. (DHA) of Portland, OR to facilitate the process. The group named itself the Netarts Bay Watershed, Estuary, Beach and Sea (WEBS) Advisory Committee, and created a vision statement and implementation plan.



The Vision Statement

WEBS (Watershed, Estuary, Beach, and Sea) is a community committed to sustainability through education. As a result of education efforts by WEBS, by the year 2012, the Netarts Watershed will be recognized throughout the Pacific Northwest as a unique, pristine, and treasured ecosystem, providing opportunities for recreation, enjoyment, appreciation, and learning. Encouraged and led by WEBS, the local community will support and be engaged in the sustained stewardship of Netarts beaches, estuary, wetlands, and watersheds, resulting in their protection and preservation to provide a permanent habitat for wildlife, a resource for learning, a spectacular venue for recreation, a model for other communities, and a continuing source of enhancement of the local economy and quality of life.



DHA made recommendations for WEBS program development, and submitted a plan for the facilitation of that development to Jim Mundell. The plan was approved and DHA began working with WEBS to develop an education and community-based approach that would result in a “learning community” in the Netarts Bay area.


WEBS activities are planned in phases. The following reports from Phase I and Phase II can be viewed at


Phase III Report



The following report is organized by the elements of the Scope of Work in the Phase III Contract between Jim Mundell and David Heil & Associates, Inc. for the period January through December 2006.  Several elements were postponed in the latter half of the period due to the deterioration of Jim Mundell’s health, and the subsequent need to establish WEBS as an Oregon corporation and non-profit organization in order that it could receive funding and continue to operate under a new funding scenario. The new element included organizing under a revised corporate name with new bylaws and associated requirements, and subsequently developing and approving documents required by granting institutions (i.e. organization description and purpose related to projects, and a proposed budget). Jim Mundell, who had contracted with David Heil & Associates, Inc. to facilitate WEBS, died on September 27, 2006.  Before he died, he directed that a substantial trust fund be established with the Oregon Community Foundation for future WEBS activities. That fund was named the “Salty Dog Fund.”


WEBS was incorporated on October 17, 2006 as “Friends of Netarts Bay Watershed, Estuary, Beach & Sea (WEBS) and subsequently began the process of applying for 501 (c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. Portland Non-profit Attorney Cynthia Cumfer was hired to guide the application process, funded by Jim Mundell’s estate. When such status is successful, WEBS will be eligible to apply for funding from the Salty Dog Fund through the Oregon Community Foundation.


The “first’ Board of Directors meeting as a new corporation was held on November 17, 2006 (meeting minutes in Appendix). The following Board members were elected as noted:


President: Jim Young, Oceanside

Secretary: Lenora Lawrence, Oceanside

John Anderson, Gresham

Chuck Beasley, Portland

Pete Marvin, Tillamook

Louise Merkens, Lake Oswego

Mark Merkens, Lake Oswego

Barbara Phelps, Bay City

Lisa Phipps, Tillamook

Jane Scott, Netarts

Mark Weigardt, Tillamook

Bernie Wolff, Tillamook



1. Facilitate communication and project work for Netarts Bay WEBS Advisory Committee.


WEBS held three meetings during the period; meeting notes and minutes from these meetings can be reviewed in the Appendices, page 8.  Additional meetings for projects described below were coordinated and facilitated.



2. Facilitate WEBS community outreach initiatives, to include the following components:

·         WEBS general brochure development

·         Utilization of area media opportunities, such as Headlight Herald Newspaper, local radio, and local access television.

·         WEBS website promotion to select target audiences


A presentation was made to Netarts Community Club to introduce Netarts residents to the organization. In November, an exhibit was displayed and presentation made at the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Conference in Seaside. A handout describing WEBS, its mission and projects was distributed at both events. Pending approval of WEBS as a non-profit organization, the design and printing of a brochure was postponed until 2007.  News releases were written for “2nd Grade Day on the Bay” and “Salmonpeople” projects, and published by the Headlight Herald Newspaper. Because website content was not yet substantial, and availability of research materials on line was not yet realized, website marketing was delayed to 2007. 


3. Facilitate collaboration with Tillamook School District, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, and Hatfield Marine Science Center in the planning and implementation of a “Second Grade Day on the Bay” event.


Three second grade classrooms from South Prairie Elementary School took part in “2nd Grade Day on the Bay” on April 19. WEBS brought together WEBS volunteers, Tillamook High School students, and staff from Tillamook School District, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to introduce 2nd graders to three marine environments. The preliminary training for the high school students and the event went well.  A “debriefing” meeting was held a few weeks after the event that highlighted several adjustments suggested for next year and a number of post-event classroom activities. Success was such that Tillamook School District has now included 2nd Grade Day as a permanent part of their curricula.



4. Facilitate “Salmonpeople” event in collaboration with Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, including planning and implementation for:

·         In-classroom and/or community seminars

·         Follow-up classroom and/or community meetings

·         Multiple performances of Salmonpeople


WEBS, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP), and Bay City Arts Center collaborated on the formation of a coalition of Tillamook County schools, agencies, and interest groups to host “Salmonpeople,” a dramatic and educational program that emphasizes sustainable communities, using salmon as an icon.


Actor and educator Peter Donaldson presented his one-man performance of Salmonpeople in October at Bay City Arts Center. This performance was a showcase for county leaders and the public, intended to raise interest and awareness of the Salmonpeople Tour in anticipation of another tour in fall of 2007. Peter performed to a full house (about 125 community members) and was highly received. Peter also gave presentations in local schools exposing students to the concept of community sustainability and stewardship. About 375 students experienced the presentations at Nestucca Valley Middle School, Tillamook High School, and Neah-kah-nie High School. Meetings with Tillamook Futures Council and area collaborators met at Bay City Arts Center to discuss forming a coalition to support the Salmonpeople message. The tour left an improved platform and eager partners for the 2007 events.



5. Facilitate a working relationship and formal Memorandum of Understanding between WEBS and TEP to enhance ongoing financial and programmatic stability and cooperation.


A Memorandum of Understanding between WEBS and TEP was approved and signed for a one-year period. DHA signed the agreement as the WEBS Representative Agent.



6. Facilitate a general marine education workshop for area educators with marine education partners.


It was determined that a marine education workshop for area teachers would not fit into the planned in-service events scheduled in 2006.


7.  Complete Netarts Bay Today website development. Establish and coordinate editor, webmaster and other contributors.


WEBS continued work on the website. Local webmaster Jerry Reneau was hired to build and maintain the website, funded by Jim Mundell. WEBS worked with Oregon State University Libraries and Librarian Janet Webster (Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport), and TEP to identify research and publications that would be appropriate for inclusion on the website, establish a website to link the materials to the WEBS website, and scan the materials so that they could be made available electronically. WEBS

Advisory committee member Jim Young continued to write original articles about Netarts area resources. Barbara Phelps, another WEBS advisory committee member, assisted in editing the articles. The work of building the website will continue through 2007. 


8. Facilitate development of virtual website concept in collaboration with Tillamook Estuaries Partnership and implement, if feasible.


The virtual website concept looked like a promising possibility for WEBS adoption. A pilot project on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, provided a model for use at Netarts Bay. However, the pilot project did not work as well as expected. As of December 2006, the project was still not operating. This element was subsequently cancelled.


9. Begin WEBS planning for special public event at Netarts Bay, target date to be spring of 2007.


This element was suspended due to a shift in priorities to WEBS incorporation and non-profit status-related activities, as noted above. The element will remain as a possible future project.


10. Research opportunities to develop additional trail guides and implement if feasible, including possible collaboration with Tillamook Water Trails Project.


This element was postponed until Tillamook Estuaries Partnership adopts Netarts Bay as a water trail site in 2008. Other trail guide development was suspended due to a shift in priorities to WEBS incorporation and non-profit status-related activities, as noted above. The element will remain as a possible future project.


Beyond Phase III


David Heil & Associates believes that WEBS is meeting its goals and is well positioned to have significant influence in the Netarts Bay area and Tillamook County. WEBS has connected to the community at many levels, and is building its base rapidly. WEBS evolution into a non-profit corporation, with an active and enthusiastic Board of Directors, and a strong Executive Director, will ensure a successful future for WEBS. David Heil and Associates is proud to have been a part of that evolution, and welcomes future involvement.































Netarts Bay WEBS Meeting Notes

Oceanside at The Capes

March 24, 2006


Present: John Andersen, Chuck Beasley, Lenora & Jim Lawrence, Mark & Louise Merkens, Lindy O'Sullivan, Barbara Phelps, Lisa Phipps, Jane Scott, Mark Trenholm, Jim Young, Chris McDonald, Sunyata Consulting; Jerry Reneau, Webmaster; Bill Hastie, Facilitator


We had a lively meeting and capped it off with a celebration of the great work WEBS has done so far. Thanks to Lenora and Jim who staffed the gate and hosted the meeting.


Bill reported on the Salmonpeople Project, our effort to bring actor and teacher Peter Donaldson to Tillamook Co. for his very fine performances, classroom presentations, and community sustainability message. Suzan Greenwood and Claudine Rehn of Tillamook Estuaries Partnership are spearheading the coordination of two separate segments - a week in local schools and the community where Peter will bring Tillamook Co. Futures Council work and vision into county classrooms and facilitate conversations on how all citizens, including students, can be part of the effort to shape a sustainable future for the county. The schedule is still being worked out, but Peter will hopefully be in Nestucca Middle School, Tillamook High School and Neah-Kah-Nie schools with his message during the first week in May. In October, Peter will be back with Salmonpeople performances for all county residents (probably three performances), and continue his community dialogue. Jim Mundell is funding the effort, with ticket sales bolstering his contribution. WEBS VOLUNTEERS WILL BE NEEDED FOR THE FALL EVENT.


Bill reported on the progress on the WEBS 2nd Grade Day on the Bay effort (one we hope will be an annual affair), and distributed a calendar of trainings leading up to the April 19th event. The South Prairie School 2nd graders will discover rocky intertidal organisms at Camp Clark near Cape Lookout, Netarts Bay critters at the bay using a seine net, and a beach activity at Cape Lookout Day Use Area. Tillamook High School students from Melissa Radcliffe's class will act as interpreters, WEBS volunteers will help the event go safely, and teachers from South Prairie School will assist with student needs. WEBS members involved include Bob Rees (who has donated his boat as well as his time to set the seine at Netarts Bay, assisted by Paul Fournier), Lenora Lawrence, Chuck Beasley, Jim Young, and Barbara Phelps. Suzan Greenwood and Claudine Rehn of Tillamook Estuaries Partnership will coordinate the Netarts Bay site, Athena Crichton of Hatfield Marine Science Center will coordinate the intertidal site at Camp Clark, and Bill Hastie will coordinate the beach activity at Cape Lookout S.P. ADDITIONAL WEBS VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED FOR THIS EVENT.


Jerry, Jim, Barbara and Bill reported on website progress. Jim Young has written some great articles for the site (14 so far). The research phase has begun as well - Janet Webster, Head Librarian at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC), in partnership with WEBS, is working with a graduate student who will conduct a full library search of Netarts (Cape to Cape) research and publications, digitize them, and make them web-available so that the NetartsBayToday site will be able to link to them. The WEBS site will be unique in that it will hold informational and research materials for a specific place on the Oregon Coast. Jim Mundell is adding to the funding provided by HMSC to get the project going, and a request to Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP) is pending for additional funds to complete the package.


Because we are now adding articles at a fairly high rate, we have outgrown our service provider and Jerry is setting up a much larger site with another provider. We will also no doubt add to our categories on the table of contents as Jim and others add articles to the site. Barbara Phelps, site editor for news & events, guestbook and photo album, is working with Jerry now to get that process up and running.


Bill showed a WEBS slide presentation that he used at the Netarts Community Club members on March 21. The presentation can be used for similar audiences in the county and can be refined as needed.


Mark T. reported on the Tillamook Recreational Water Trail progress. A full time RARE student from the University of Oregon program is now housed at TEP headquarters and working on the trail county-wide. This project matches one of WEBS' priority strategies, and we will continue to seek ways to assist on the project.


Bill and Lenora coordinated a small celebration of WEBS and it's accomplishments so far. Good conversation, food, and drink were capped with a cake inscribed with "Netarts Bay WEBS - Goodonya!" The celebration was also about the future. Jim Mundell is in the process of setting up a trust for WEBS, insuring support and funding for future WEBS activities.


No date was set for the next meeting, however, there will be plenty to discuss by June at the latest. If any of you have questions or need more detailed information on the above, feel free to contact me.



Netarts Bay WEBS Advisory Committee

Meeting Notes

August 11, 2006 at The Capes, Oceanside


In Attendance: John Anderson, Chuck Beasley, Suzan Greenwood, Louise Merkens, Jane Scott, Bernie Wolff, Jim Young, Jerry Reneau (Webmaster), Bill Hastie (Facilitator)


Once again, Lenora Lawrence (and Jim L!) provided the great meeting site at The Capes. Lenora was busy staffing several booths at Tillamook County Fair so she was unable to attend. We will be sure NOT to hold a WEBS meeting during the fair next year!


Bill showed images from 2nd Grade Day on the Bay. Next year’s event is scheduled for May 8 and will be held at Camp Clark beach. Planning for this event will begin in the fall. We decided to try the single location approach at the request of South Prairie. We will evaluate the 2007 effort and decide then whether we want to use Netarts Bay as a part of the 2nd grade experience.


Suzan and Bill gave an update on our efforts to bring Salmonpeople to Tillamook Co. Support for a “preview” performance at Bay City Art Center on October 14 is high. The performance will be used to generate interest for an all-north coast tour in the fall of ’07. Key community members from Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Newport will be invited in addition to those from Tillamook County. Peter Donaldson’s schedule for his visit in October ’06 includes county teacher inservice presentations over 2 days (integrating science, salmon and sustainability concepts across the curriculum, a seminar at Tillamook Bay Community College, working with local videographers (especially youth media educators) for local use, a strategic planning session for the ’07 Salmonpeople tour, and of course the performance. Not all of these efforts are firmed up yet.


WEBS discussed the idea of making sure attendance at the ’06 performance was open and available to the Tillamook area public, as well as the invited participants outside and inside the county. The complete schedule is attached.


The NETARTS BAY TODAY website was reviewed. Bill proposed expanding the list of pages to accommodate the breadth of articles being written by Jim Young and Chris McDonald. Jim just completed one on Three Arch Rocks and is now working on an article about local plants. Bill also briefly discussed the site and how it works to be sure all understood the direction we are headed. Bill reported that the “Stout Report,” (The Natural Resources and Human Utilization of Netarts Bay, Oregon, OSU, 1976) is now available in electronic format and others will follow. Season Long, a post-graduate student at OSU, has produced the results of a search for Netarts Bay-related research and publications for Janet Webster, Head Librarian at the Guin Library at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. Over the next year, we hope to select and digitize many of these sources that can be linked with Netarts Bay Today. These resources coupled with the articles being written about Netarts area resources, will provide a rich and unique source of information about the area “between the capes.”


WEBS discussed the fact that the website might eventually include a “kid’s page.


Bill discussed WEBS working toward status as a 501 (c) (3) organization, and asked for comments on the proposed bylaws. Some changes were made. We also discussed changing our name “Friends of Netarts Bay Watershed, Estuary, Beach and Sea.” After a brief conversation, we decide that the name was acceptable. Once WEBS registers as a corporation with Oregon Corporation Division, an official vote can be taken on the bylaws and other matters. Following that meeting, we can apply for non-profit status with the IRS. Bill expressed his hope that the Advisory Committee members would be willing to transition to “board members” with the same terms of office. The application process should begin soon. Bill will meet with Lindy O’Sullivan to get the process moving. The revised bylaws are attached.


The “Cape to Cape Trail Guide” was discussed. Jerry reported that he works with a graphic artist that could do the layout and design work needed for its printing and posting on our website. Bill noted that we will soon be able to begin to market our website, and that a WEBS brochure should be begun as soon as non-profit status is approved.


We ended the meeting with a special cake to wish Suzan Greenwood well as she leaves the area for California. The cake was inscribed with “Goodbye Suzan, Live Well,” written in Chinook Jargon.


Depending on how the non-profit process goes, we hope to meet this fall, date to be determined.











            The initial meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation, an Oregon corporation, was held at Oceanside, Oregon, on November 17, 2006, at 1 p.m., pursuant to a call for such meeting by Bill Hastie, the incorporator.

            Present were the individuals listed on Attachment A, who constitute a quorum.

            By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, Jane Scott was chosen chairperson of the meeting and Lenora Lawrence was chosen to serve as Secretary of the meeting.

            The Secretary presented to the meeting a Waiver of Notice of this meeting, signed by the initial Board of Directors of the corporation, and the Chairperson directed that such Waiver be attached to the minutes of the meeting.

            The incorporator reported that the Articles of Incorporation have been filed in the appropriate state office for the state of Oregon, and were stamped on October 17, 2006.

            By unanimous vote, it was:


DECIDED: that the stamped copy of the Articles of Incorporation be placed in the records of this corporation.

            The incorporator then submitted to the meeting a form of bylaws for the regulation of the affairs of the corporation.  These bylaws were read, and after discussion, it was unanimously


DECIDED: that the bylaws presented to this meeting are, adopted as the bylaws of this corporation, and that a copy of these bylaws be placed in the records of the corporation.

            The Board of Directors then proceeded to the election of officers.  Nominations were made, and the following persons were duly elected to the following offices:

            President - Jane Scott

            Secretary – Lenora Lawrence

            The chairperson then stated that it was desirable to designate a depository for the funds of the corporation.  It was unanimously



DECIDED: that this corporation open in its name one or more deposit accounts with TLC Federal Credit Union, upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon with this financial institution and that the President of the Corporation is authorized to establish these accounts. Funds shall be withdrawn from this depository on checks of this corporation signed by one of the following:

            First Signer – Executive Director

            Second Signer – Jane Scott

            Third Signer – Lenora Lawrence

and may be payable to bearer, or to the order of, and for the use and benefit of, the signers of the checks.


            The Chairperson stated that the next order of business would be to discuss the necessity of the corporation borrowing funds from time to time for business purposes.  After deliberation and discussion, it was unanimously


DECIDED: that the corporation is authorized to borrow such sums of money not to exceed a total amount of  $3500 at any one time without further authorization; and


DECIDED: that the officers of the corporation are authorized to negotiate the terms of such borrowing on behalf of the corporation and to execute on behalf of the corporation any promissory notes, instruments, and other documents necessary or reasonable to evidence such borrowing from banks, institutions or other third persons.


            It was then suggested that the Secretary of the corporation be authorized to pay all expenses and to reimburse any persons for expenses made in connection with the organization of the corporation.  It was unanimously


DECIDED: that the Secretary of this corporation is authorized to pay all charges and expenses incident to or arising out of the organization of this corporation and to reimburse any person that has made any disbursements for this corporation.


            It was then suggested that, the corporation should pay all expenses incurred by the directors and officers in the performance of their duties.  It was unanimously


DECIDED: that the corporation is to reimburse each director and officer for business expenses.

            The Chairperson proposed that the accounting year for the organization be set to run from January through December. It was unanimously



DECIDED: that the accounting year be set to run as described above.


            The Chairperson then stated that any acts of the incorporators, performed so far on behalf of this corporation, should be ratified and confirmed as the duly authorized acts of the corporation.  The unanimous decision was as follows:


DECIDED: that any and all acts of the incorporators of this corporation are hereby ratified and approved as duly authorized acts of this corporation in all respects as if they had been done pursuant to specific authority granted by this corporation.

            It was proposed that the corporation apply for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and for all other applicable federal, state, regional and local tax exemptions and benefits.  The unanimous decision was


DECIDED: that the President shall have the authority to apply on behalf of the corporation for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and for all other applicable federal, state, regional, and local tax exemptions and benefits.

            It was proposed that the board adopt a conflicts of interest policy. The Board unanimously


DECIDED: that the attached Conflicts of Interest policy is adopted as the policy of this corporation.

            It was proposed that the board adopt an Excess Benefits Transactions policy. The Board unanimously


DECIDED: that the attached Excess Benefits Transactions policy is adopted as the policy of this corporation.


            Facilitator Bill Hastie suggested that WEBS continue to operate its website and programs without reference or promotion of commercial enterprises. Bill will monitor the website to be sure  this policy is carried out.

            Facilitator Bill Hastie presented a draft budget for 2006 and 2007 for review. He also requested that Mark Trenholm, Director of Tillamook Estuary Project, assist WEBS in developing financial policies by supplying the Board with examples of such policies so that they might be used as models. Mark agreed to this request.

            It was suggested that a committee be established to research salary and benefit levels for executive directors of other similar organizations so that a fair wage and benefits package could be established for the WEBS Executive Director. Chuck Beasley agreed to chair the committee, and Louise Merkens, Mark Merkens, Jane Scott, and Mark Trenholm agreed to serve on the committee. The committee will give the Board the results of their findings at the next Board meeting. It was unanimously

            DECIDED: to table the draft budget until the next meeting.


            Facilitator Bill Hastie updated the Board on the 2nd Grade Day on the Beach and Salmonpeople projects. 2nd Grade Day on the Beach will take place May 8, 2007, at Camp Clark. Camp Clark has been confirmed for that day, and restrooms in the dinning hall will be available. The planning team for  the event will meet at 3 p.m. on April 4, 2007 at South Prairie Elementary. Planning is also underway for a North Coast tour of Salmonpeople in the fall of 2007. Anchor dates for the performances are already set for Astoria and Newport. Peter Donaldson is planning on three performances in Tillamook County, most likely one performance each in South County, Tillamook High School, and North County. The  October 2006 performance at Bay City Arts Center was very well received. Peter is starting the process now to build coalitions for these events. Peter is also planning work with students at schools and community workshops.

            Facilitator Hastie advised the Board to consider establishing an Executive Committee to handle the day-to-day business of  the corporation and to expedite business . There was a consensus that this was needed.  It was unanimously

            DECIDED: that the formation of the Executive Committee be tabled until the next              meeting.


            DECIDED: that the next meeting of the Board be held on Friday, January 19, at The              Capes in Oceanside.


            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


                        Acting Secretary

                        Lenora Lawrence





Jane Scott