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General History
Hawkins, Bill, ed. 1994
. General History of the Town of Netarts, Tillamook County, Oregon. Netarts, Oregon: Netarts Steering Committee. 24 pp., black and white photographs. This is a concise, but comprehensive description of the history of Netarts from the 1400s to 1994. The chronology contains an 1859 Bureau of Land Management map of Netarts, as well as 33 photographs of early Netarts residents, Cape Meares Lighthouse and its caretakers, and the first developments in Netarts, Happy Camp, and Oceanside.

Netarts History

Early Peoples
Sauter, John, and Bruce Johnson. 1974.
Tillamook Indians of the Oregon Coast. Portland: Binfords & Mort Publishers. 196 pp., black & white photographs. Located at the Tillamook County Library.

This book explores the prehistory of the Tillamook Indians of the Oregon Coast through information gathered from early diaries, archeological reports, original journals of explorers, and interviews with native descendants. The researched text is supplemented with 150 photographs of bone and stone artifacts.

Vaughn, Warren N. Unpublished. The Early History of Tillamook County. 91 pp.

This is a detailed account of one of the first white men to settle in Tillamook County. It covers an approximate time period of 1852 to the 1890s, and colorfully describes many events and stories that took place in and around Netarts during that time. The original journal is located at the Oregon Historic Society.

Newman, Thomas M. 1959. Tillamook Prehistory and Its Relations to the Northwest CoastCulture Area. Eugene: University of Oregon Department of Anthropology. 55 pp., maps

. This Ph.D. thesis was the first report on intensive archeological research in the northern Pacific coast. It describes, in detail, archeological materials derived from excavations on Netarts Sand Spit and makes conclusions about the emergence of the Tillamook as a distinct culture.

Beals, Herbert K., and Harvey Steele. 1981. Chinese porcelains from site 35-TI-1, Netarts sand spit, Tillamook County, Oregon. Eugene: University of Oregon. (University of Oregon anthropological papers; no. 23.) 37 pp., maps. Located at University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

Early Settlers and Residents
Boge, Lila V. Cooper. 1975. Tillamook History. (Sequel to Tillamook Memories.) Tillamook:
Tillamook County Pioneer Association. 262 pp., black & white photographs. Located at the Tillamook County Library. As described by the author, this compilation of material deals with Human Interest Tillamook History. It is a mixed bag of photographs, records, diaries, letters, observations, articles, and stories of turn-of-the-century-life in Tillamook County.

Cotton, Samuel J. 1915. Stories of Nehalem. Chicago: M.A. Donahue & Company. 147 pp. Located at the Tillamook County Library.

Jacobs, Elizabeth, recorder. 1959. Nehalem Tillamook Tales. Eugene: University of Oregon. 216 pp. Located at the Tillamook County Library.
This book is a collection of Nehalem Tillamook Salish myths and anecdotes dictated to the recorder by Mrs. Clara Pearcy, a speaker of Nehalem and resident of Garibaldi, in 1934

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