Netarts and Netarts Bay - where riches are discovered daily - riches you can’t get just anywhere, and once discovered, are yours forever.  Perhaps it’s sighting a bald eagle cruising Netarts Bay, or hundreds of brown pelicans diving from the air to feed on fish near the bay’s surface.  It could be that special campsite at Cape Lookout State Park, spotting gray whales from Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint, or taking that award-winning photo as fingers of fog drift across the sunlight over the bay. Maybe it’s pulling up the biggest Dungeness crab you’ve ever seen, spotting sea lions on Three Arch Rocks, or being eye to eye with a great blue heron as you paddle your kayak on Netarts Bay. Whether leisurely strolling along trail or beach, those riches are all around you BETWEEN THE CAPES - rich in beauty, rich in history, rich in learning experiences you won’t forget.

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